26 September 2010

Happy Stats

  • breakfast at a friends house in Antwerp last Sunday followed by strolling around 'Zuiderzinnen': all sorts of acts and performances in the area where she lived related to literature
  • yoga, so glad I started following classes again
  • taking pictures of new creations, Max was so good to give a hand, well paw, getting the lighttent ready
  • making my mum, sis and my self happy with a cardigan for us each from Maija Fashion 
  • going to the esty meeting in Amsterdam, so nice to meet so many other etsy sellers and Matt and Benedikta from the Berlin office
  • driving to Amsterdam and back with Mitsy from Artmind (express your feelings with ceramics), great to have great company when driving far
  • staying with Marta from Martice (all to keep your laptop cosy), so good to meet her, she is just great
  • sharing a booth at the Crafty Markt with Liesbeth en Barry van Pinipiru (if you're looking for a great t-shirt look no further and they're organic too!) and meeting many other etsy sellers there too

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