23 September 2011

13 September 2011

Logo Design & Design Barter

Sometimes I like to do something else besides playing with porcelain and silver. I do love the digital world too, I blog, twitter, ..... and I designed my own website. It needs serious updating, but still I got the query from my yoga teacher, Martine, if I could design one for her. Of course I would I'd love to. Although she has been teaching for many years, she needed to start from scratch on the web-presence and everything which goes with it. One of the first things needed was a logo. For this I called in the help of the very talented lady called Alex from RALEV, whom designed the logo for Two Trees.

We, Martine and I,  brain stormed about the logo and sketching some ideas. We made a brief of what the logo should look/feel like: needs to include the symbol is the aum /ohm sign and a circle. The sign may altered to extend out of the circle, this way it also reminds of a scale. As life not always stays within the circle and you need to find a balance in life too. Martine, my yoga teacher does not stick to one yoga school, but takes what's best from different yoga teachings, so the alteration of the sign stands for this too. As she is more practical in her yoga classes, the sign may be sleek and modern. The circle may be bright green, like the apples, or orange. The lines of the sign are to have rounded ends, not like the square calligraphed ones one usually sees for this sign. Colour of the sign, an off black.

This is the logo which Alex designed for Martine:

It's just like with my own logo, I just gave Alex the gist of what it should be and she just captures it ten times better than you even could have imagined. So if you would like help from talented Alex too, you can find her via this cool website, it's called DESBAR and is a place where entrepenuers, develeopers and designers meet to share their skills. DESBAR is short for design barter and I just love the idea, why not swop talent instead of sending each other a bill. Be sure to check it out!

8 September 2011


I kept something tucked up my sleeve for you. 
Something new I've been working on: Spoons!

Each with a different animal head.

Safely stored and shipped in a handmade fair trade felt lined paper box.

4 September 2011

Happy Stats

Sunday is here, so is September, time to sit down and reflect on the previous weeks.

  • Discovering a way to make yummy hot chocolate in our aeroccuni (a thingy from Nespresso to whisk and warm milk)
  • Running the creative back office for Conlibrio, a job which is a nice addition to and in balance with my time spend creating with clay, silver and glass.
  • Finishing the chair for the chair project, so good to see all chairs together.
  • Receiving wonderful feed back (happy tears) to a custom story bowl, such a compliment!

  • Learning how to screen print at the wonderful etsy lab at Pini Piru's place.
  • Enjoying a lovely dinner on a rare warm evening outside, a nice surprise from hubby :-)
  • Receiving more and more orders for custom story bowls
  • Sientje (1 of our cats) being happy too, she what she just typed: H00000000000000000iooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!รง!G000

3 September 2011

The Chair project - part 4

Today the group work of our ceramics group is finally on display. so this is the 4th and final part about the chair project. For part 3 and previous go here.

Each chair of each member are on display in the garden of Katrien Van Baarle. She is in our group too and organises a ceramics event in her garden every 2 years. She made the chessboard you see below, followed by the other chairs.

I do love the diversity of the techniques and finishes used. It is so nice to see them together.

Besides our group work there is work of several other ceramic artists on display. You see some of their work in the pictures below with some general impressions of the location. You can still go there today and all day tomorrow. More info here (in Dutch)

If you are near Antwerp this weekend, go have a look; it's well worth it!

2 September 2011

Friday Find - Nuala O'Donovan

The wonders of porcelain, I love this material 
and was in awe when I saw these creations from Nuala O'Donovan.

All her work is built by hand over weeks or months bit by bit, not jiffed from a 3D printer. So they have the natural imperfections of hand made items, one of a kind, as everything in nature realy is; one of a kind. She uses no tools but her hands to create these objects. I'm in love........

Head over to her site to smother yourself in more of this awesomness