15 June 2012

Friday Find: MouseBlossom

Today I want to share with you the work of Yvonne de Jonge, the woman behind Mouseblossom

She has a great hand for drawing and her illustrations are so delicate and sweet. She uses her illustrations to decorate a variety of objects, like brooches in fabric and felt, so you can carry these adorable little creatures with you at all times.

To see more see and read more:  Mouseblossom.

14 June 2012

Belgium Obsolete

We finally got the keys to our house in the Netherlands,so I'm adjusting all my banners which still had Belgium in the name. So a new banner for this blog, my etsy shop and my twitter-account. All thanks to the talented Alex from Ralev, who designed my logo in the first place.

Apart from a change in banners you will notice much more from my move. I shipped most items from the Netherlands anyway as it was cheaper, so better for both of us. But in the background I've closed my Belgian company and set up a new company in the Netherlands. Lots of paperwork, especially the closing of the Belgian one; I'll be glad when it is all sorted. I'll keep you posted on the makings of my new workspaces. Yes, I'll have 2, one atelier for the clay, silver and glass and and office/library/gallery where I'll be making parcels to post, keeping up with admin, taking pictures of new items, blog, tweet, .... and so on. Will be so much better than the current temporary solution.

1 June 2012

Friday Find: MOTE

Today I want to share with you the creations by MOTE.  
The woman behind MOTE is Annett Fischer, she creates together with her husband with felt and clay. They have something with lights and create them in any shape possible, both in felt and in clay. 

They also finds inspiration is in Zeeland, the area of the Netherlands where they live.

A set of a mug and a dish with a place for a typical Zeeuwse Bolus, a sweet cake/cookie. 
The hairy bikers discovered these strange looking, but great tasting sweets as well, as you can see here.

Zeeland is famous for it's mussels too, wouldn't this make a great tile for you kitchen back-splash, just set in among other plain ones as a feature or a wall with only tiles with mussels, as if they're washed up on your kitchen shore.

Besides lights and Zeeuwse items they makes much more, have a look at their website.