Story Bowls

Story Bowls are as the names suggest, bowls with a story. I made my first bowl in 2001, I have made dozens since. The story can be your story, a fictional story, a tale, a news happening, anything. I work very intuitively and I often let the clay tell a story too, feel were it wants to go, a happy face on the rabbit or is it sad or thoughtful. I'm very proud to have my story bowls in collections of private persons all over the world.

Here the link to blogpost about different story bowls:

Find ready to ship bowls in my etsy shop. Find a book (in Dutch) about my story bowls on blurb.

Inspired; feel free to contact me ( annemiek  (at) two-trees (dot) eu ) with your story. All bowls come with felt lined fairtrade gift-box.

Below a sample of story bowls and there story. 

For the rottweiler, who's much loved by his owners despite his drooling and his farts 
(to capture this: there's a little cork up his arse and some which flew out are lying in the bowl).

After a story by Shauna Gilligan, in which a woman watches 
the man drive off in a sports car through the rolling hills.

After a quote by John Steinbeck: 
"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen."

Will you marry me, says the tiny mouse. 
The ring presented in this bowl in a large gift box was double surprise for the lady in question. 
She's no longer scared of mice I'm told.

For the friend who lost her dog.
The commissioner, who's friend had lost the dog, wrote a moving poem to go with the bowl.

For the wedding of mr de Haene (rooster in Dutch) and miss Mol (mole in Dutch)

For the anniversary of the couple from Bruges, known for it's swans, 
where they got married all these years ago.

For a philosophical friend a bird with a deja-vu.

For the person who loves eagles and retired from work, 
time to spread ones wings and explore new horizons.