16 October 2013

Story Bowl: 18 ladies, 1 man and a wheelbarrow

Custom story bowl for a man. He was saying goodbye to the company. The bowl was commissioned by the 18 women he trained and worked with during his career. And oh, ...there had to be a wheelbarrow too....

It was challenge and a pleasure making so many figures, of course none are the same, some are carrying books or a bag, some sit, some stand some are closer to the wheelbarrow, some aren't.... sometimes it nice not to know the full story so one can wonder why.

11 October 2013

Going back to my roots: 't Paeremes part 2

Since I wrote part 1, back in 2010, I have moved back to my roots. Well nearly, I'm back in the same county but on a different island.

Ossenisse is the lovely village were I now live. You find it on the coast of the Westerschelde in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. It's an island in the sense that it is surrounded by Belgium and water. If I had a boat I could easily go see my parents, cross the Westerschelde and through the channel to Wemeldinge. But since the ferry was replaced by tunnel I have to go the long way around until I get a boat. (Which I don't plan to get in case you were wondering.)

Anyway back to the "paeremes" or "knife with horses". I kept on making knives inspired by these, but most ended in the bin, here's one worth sharing though:

 I made a sheath in leather with felt lining to finish it.  

Since I perfected the hilt making I'm now happy to take custom orders for a knife made to your specifications. The blade is ceramic, factory made and will stay sharp. These knifes are dishwasher proof.