30 March 2013

Easter Hare

Yesterday, good Friday  I saw a big bird of prey circling over the field behind our house.  Also saw a small orange spot and figured it was Sien lying low. Robin and me called but she did not come, maybe she was scared of the bird, very wise. So I set out to go and get her.

We let her roam free again and she just came back in the house when dinner was ready.
She stayed in the hall and seemed to play with something. This usually means a mouse. Turned out this time she had her eye on the same as the bird of prey had, a tiny hare. 
I quickly took it from her and put it in a box.

Called around to find a place were they can look after little hares. Found one and drove there. 
The man waiting for me said: "ah your bringing the Easter hare" (in Dutch we say hare not bunny to the easter egg deliverer). We talked a bit, I asked how old it was, about a week and how many littles ones hares get; about 2 or 3. Jokingly said well I might be around again if the bird of prey is not getting them before Sien does. (Thinking back to last spring when she raided a nest of wrens, which we took to a sanctuary too.)

As I arrived home, Robin said she had caught another one! He heard noises outside and went to look. Sien was trying to get at her escaped hare, which had managed to escape and was hiding. Robin locked Sien inside and saw the little hare hop off. A bit bigger than the first one but still to young to survive alone. So we got the flash light out and found it. Called the sanctuary that we were bringing another one.

Took some better pictures of this one before I set off.

The man from the sanctuary told me they had had more in the last few days and they all survived and will be released back into the wild once big enough. So hope these 2 will live long happy lives and see many more Easters too.

Happy Easter!

14 March 2013

Story Bowl: Scuba Divers

This bowl was a commission for a wedding present, the couple share the passion of scuba diving and that's also how they met. I pondered long on the theme, how to capture this in a story bowl. The material would be porcelain, no doubt there, but how to position the divers, what else to feature, .... I decided to start with a sea creature an imagined sea horse:

 Than the bowl and the divers followed soon and a starfish too, a red one I knew straight away.

I made some fishes and all was fired. I glazed the fishes, seahorse, starfish and divers and fired all again.
Than the fishes and seahorse needed to be strung across the bowl.

A fair trade box makes this gift complete.
Wishing the couple many many more happy years of scuba diving.

5 March 2013

Story Bowl: Cat and swallows

A while ago I was asked to make a bowl for an anniversary. She loves cats, he has got a fascination for swallows. I suggested a large bowl in porcelain with swallows flying and a cat watching. We decided to keep the cat pure white  but give him a trail of turquoise foot prints as she likes turquoise too. And thus this colour was incorporated in the bowl in a subtle way. Now that pair received their gift, I'm happy to share the pictures of the (making) of the bowl with you (with permission from the commissioner and the new owner).

Sneak peak of the result.

I started by making of the swallows, 6 in total, so I'd have some spare.

Than the cat and the bowl. Bowl is sanded for silky smoothness after the high firing. 
The porcelain is nearly translucent in some places.

Translucent porcelain

The swallows got a black matt glaze and were fired a second time. 
Of the 6 swallows, only 4 survived the bisque / low firing. 

The stringing of the swallows on tread through the holes in the rim of the bowl. 
Initially I had thought of stringing only 3 swallows, somehow odd numbers usually look better, 
but in this case 4 worked just as well.


The finished bowl:

Some details:

 The bowl in it's fair trade gift box.

This is a quote from the couple whom received this bowl (in Dutch):
"Dit is een uitzonderlijk mooi en een prachtig stukje en toont zowel 

inspiratie, creativiteit en bovenal talent in dit vakmanschap."