27 September 2013

Story Bowl: Networker

As the name suggest this bowl is for a net-worker. It's a custom request for a corporate going away gift for very social person who loves to play tennis and basketball in his spare time and have a nice cold beer. He is very good at bringing people together both in his work and his private life.
After some brooding on these elements, this bowl appeared.
Now it seems strange it took me so long to come to this:

4 September 2013

Ireland August 2013

Usually I visit Ireland at least once a year to catch up with friends. I lived there for tree years moving back just before the millennium. I did not get around to visiting Ireland in 2012, a trip was long overdue.

Walk in the forest near Maynooth

 Wise words

Visiting a crafts fair in Castletown House, Celbridge

Castletown House in Celbridge

One of the gate lodges of Castletown House which can be rented as a holiday home :)

The Liffey running through the grounds of Castletown house, on it's way to Dublin.

 Picking black berries for a lovely pudding

View over the Shannon at Clonmacnoise

The pelgrims path on the left and 1 of the 3 high crosses on the right at Clonmacnoise 

Clonmacnoise Castle

Birr castle and garden

The telescope at Birr castle is credited with discovering the spiral nature of the Whirlpool Galaxy

As you see, I didn't even make it to Dublin, so a good reason to return to Ireland soon.