14 October 2011

Friday Find - Knit Stools

Claire-Anne O'Brian creates these knitted stools; I think they are fab. Comfy sculptures for ones house :-)

 Ireland, where's she is from, has a great tradition in knitting, but she takes it to a next level. She uses traditional natural fibres: sheep and lambs wool and still knits a lot by hand too. But her design, 3D inspiration and use of a knitting machine, make you forget about wooly sweaters.

No surprise she won the Future Maker Overall Award. This is an award from the Irish Craft Council. Ireland has a great crafting tradition and is not shy to promote their crafts. 
They announced 2011 to be the year of crafts.

 The Future Maker Award  has enabled her to purchase an industrial knitting machine, without which it would be fairly impossible to reproduce this collection of stools and any future collections of poufs, cushions and chairs. Now all I have to do is find out where we can buy her wonderful creations.

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