14 January 2011

Shipping on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands

Everyone want to keep their shipping costs as low as possible and to help myself I have made an overview of the shipping options for someone like me, living in Belgium but the Dutch border is close. Belgium post Bpost gives more divisions in weight, Dutch post TNT in regions, so I kept it as compact as possible allowing for these differences. A general trend is usually easily spotted. Why are my shipping rates not as per these tables? Well I round off the amounts and allow a little for handling too.

Sheet for post that fits through the letterbox, approx max 30mm tick
Sheet for post that does not fit in the letterbox
  • If you want to add (perhaps for those living near Belgium, Netherlands and Germany) to this list, just let me know and I'll send you the original files.
  • If I made a mistake in typing or other I'm not responsible!
  • I've indicated track and trace for some shipping options, but you might want to look into that further.
  • I've not looked at insurance, registered and so on, usually these are extra again.
  • Kiala B and DHLforyou NL prices as for service point to servicepoint
  • I've not included http://www.postzegelsmetkorting.nl/ rates but these are -20% from TNT from what they claim.

Happy shipping!


  1. Ha! I was just comparing B-post & TNT for a new shipping profile that I'm creating. Please do send me the original files. Thanks Annemiek, that's really very helpful! :)

  2. shipping costs are virtually impossible to get right as often people multiple buy and how can you guess the weight and where it will need to go too! aaargh. also people often forget hidden costs, handling and packaging costs plus petrol to the post office. a veritable minefield. well done for trying to sort out a system, chapeau...

  3. Oh geweldig dat je het even hebt vergeleken, Wilde dat ook al gaan doen, maar stelde dat steeds uit..... Ik ga ook nog naar de Duitse post kijken....