21 June 2010

Monday Mood

Today I still got last week on my mind, meeting lots of lovley fellow Etsians at the craft party at Mitsy's place.
I was very happy to meet  Nicole from Babongohome, Veerle from Nevousinstallezpas, Ina from DeerLola, Mariana from Florcita, Kim from Viltalakim and Greet from FleurFatale and of course the wonderful host herself, Mitsy from Artmind. Than at yesterdays fair Inge from Kookaboora spotted me (which was not so difficult since I was her neighbor across the aisle) and came over to say hi. 
So here a moodboard filled with products of these lovely ladies. Most in red, felt like red today :-)


  1. Lovely mood! I'm still smiling when I think back on Friday too! :)

  2. So many talented people, glad you all had fun together. Are you Belgian? your English is superb.
    I live in Northern France about 15 km from Tournai which is, of course, in Belguim. Must say it's a great town and prefer the Belguim vibe to the French...Anyway love your blog be back soon; thanks Linda.